Why Websites like Visionwiz Deserve a Lot of Credit

Blog6 - Why Websites like Visionwiz Deserve a Lot of Credit

Whenever you feel lost about anything, the best plan of action is to go to someone who has experience. Their wisdom can be your tool to success. Visionwiz is one of many websites, like Tipit, that have offered their wisdom at no extra cost.

What is Visionwiz?

This is a website that has quite an age under its belt. It mission has remained consistent over the many years since it’s launch and that is to provide useful tips and information regarding businesses—from creation, productivity, and the eventual launch of an business venture.

Why do websites like these deserve a lot of credit?

They offer a useful service

Imagine what things were like back then—whenever anyone started a business it was a pretty blind venture. It was either you were part of a family that already had an established business and learned the ropes from them or you had to do it all on your own.

d2 - Why Websites like Visionwiz Deserve a Lot of Credit

They part with their wisdom for FREE

There was no free user’s guide or manual for starting a business. We put the emphasis on the word “free” because those who usually offered to show you how to start your business often charged for it. Then there was the pitfall of those with major capital offering to “help” then ultimately taking your idea and mass producing it in a scale that you otherwise would not have been able to accomplish at the start.

It was a pretty vicious world. Visionwiz offered relevant and critical information made by business owners for business owners. It was a resource that was incredibly useful.

Their approach was conversational and not a lecture

Another pitfall in asking for help back then was that there was always this rift that would form between the pupil and the master. While they meant well, there are always certain new developments that business owners back then did not have to deal with (internet and social media, for example). The generational gap always played a factor.

So instead of doing a lecture, Visionwiz takes on a conversational tone to their discussions. So it feels like talking to a really wise friend rather than taking notes from a professor.

They discuss current issues and offer advice to fit the times

Sites like Visionwiz always drew from current concerns for those who were presently in the midst of creating or running their own businesses. They make sure that the information that they provide or the issues they discuss were things that were being experienced in the present. If you go through their archive, you can see how their articles have evolved with time.

d - Why Websites like Visionwiz Deserve a Lot of Credit

In Closing

Wisdom is a treasure that is rarely given for free. Thank goodness then for sites (like ours) and like Visionwiz that make it their mission to provide useful information regarding all the modern issues in starting a business.

So if you find such a website, be sure to show your support! See if they have a donation page—every little bit helps. After all, the longer they stay online, the more useful information you can learn from them.

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