Innovative Ways to Make Use of Drones in Business

The technological dynamism of the current world has made businesses perform their operations more efficiently. The operations that were previously done by people are now being taken up by machines. This in effect, has increased the quality, effectiveness, and speed at which these operations are done.

In the video production industry, the advent of drones brought good tidings. Video producers are reportedly enjoying the use of drones in their work as they bring about clear and crisp content. They also enhance their work as they have numerous capabilities which video producers didn’t have access to before. For some, the use of drones such as the JJRC H11 drone has helped them achieve great heights in the creation of visual content; heights that only top Hollywood video producers could achieve. If you are a visual content creator, you don’t need to break the bank for you to create quality content. Let’s consider how businesses can innovatively utilize drones for video content.

Group Shots

Good news! You don’t have to climb tall trees or take shots from high buildings anymore for group shots! Every cameraperson can relate to the challenge that taking group shots presents. Whenever you are in a party or large crowd, you can use drones to take marvellous group shots.

With a drone, you can get everyone out for a group shot. You don’t even have to worry about how you are going to arrange the tall and short people. Just get your drone in front of the group, and you’ll capture everyone. If you’re ambitious enough, take your drone up to the sky. You’ll get a great view of the people and also the surrounding for one epic video.

Remember to take both videos and photos of the group while using the drone. You might need both later while doing production.

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The Reveal

One of the methods that video producers use to tweak their videos is ‘the reveal.’ Typically, it entails taking a video of a subject up-close and then zooming out to the surroundings of the subject. The converse is also true.

Pulling this stunt off is not a walk in the park. It takes much effort to come up with the perfect reveal. However, with a drone, you can pull as many reveals as you’d wish. All it takes is for you to take the drone closer to the subject, the fly it away from the subject gradually. You can also do the converse, by flying the drone away from the subject, then flying it towards the subject gradually.

You can even take shots at calculated angles, say, 90 degrees. Just start with an aerial view of the skyline that is surrounding the subject, then pan the camera down to 90 degrees and steer your drone to land.

The best part of the doing the reveal with a drone is that it works in reverse. You can never get tired of doing it. You can even combine it with other techniques such as the group shot to come up with a visual marvel.


For those companies whose core business is providing utilities, drones can be used innovatively to carry out inspections. For example, electricity companies that operate electrical lines could utilize drones. Such companies have in the past used manned commercial planes and choppers to inspect their electrical lines. In other sectors, companies that have pipelines and pumping stations, have in the same manner, had to use commercial aircraft to inspect their lines.

Carrying out such inspections requires a lot of resources and planning. Some of the areas that have to be accessed are not easily accessible.

However, with the advent of drones, they could significantly reduce the cost incurred in inspections with manned commercial aircraft. The drone cameras and video transmitters could perform the same function inexpensively and safely.

If you run a business that requires routine inspections in remote areas, using drones is an innovative way of performing such routine checks.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, there is a lot of damage that results. This may at times mean that transport facilities and social amenities get destroyed. In the course of disaster relief, disaster management officials always encounter hurdles when trying to carry out their work. They are often unable to assess the impact of disasters since they are rendered immobile. Also, the may lack the capacity to reach the disaster front which constitutes of the community that is affected by the disaster.

Drones can be used innovatively in disaster relief efforts by government, non-governmental organizations and businesses. They can provide the real-time footage in disaster-stricken areas and locations where it may prove too dangerous to navigate.

Precautions to Take

The Wind Factor

When using drones, you should be wary of factors such as wind. If possible, avoid taking shots on windy days. It may interfere with the quality of the video. It may also make it hard to pilot your drone.

The Special Hour

This is such an important tip. For you to get the highest video quality with your drone, you should shoot during the period after sunrise and after sunset. This, in most visual content circles, is what is referred to as the ‘magic hour.’ Any shot that is taken during this period is bound to be a ‘Magnus opera.’ During this period, the lighting is almost perfect for any shot. The sun is always low on the horizon, and the light that it sets forth is evenly distributed. The shadows are also not quite visible at this moment.

To make better use of your drone, take it out during these periods. If you are not sure of the time of day that the sunrise and the sunset take place in your locality, makes use of apps that can determine it. Many video creators have used the Rizon app, and they have endorsed it owing to its accurate results.

These are just some of the proven innovative ways to use drones which we endorse. Apply any and take your video production and content to new heights with drones; literally! Any other applications that we haven’t mentioned? Share them with us!

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