How Victorian Plumbing Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is a classic example of a ‘universal’ marketing platform that doesn’t discriminate between brands or their popularity, and instead generally relies on the skills of the company – or individual – involved to manage, produce and target their content effectively.

Although some sites allow you to promote or “boost” social media posts, the long-term gains of running a corporate social media account are largely down to the content that’s actually posted there, as well as how it’s integrated with the business’ other assets and promotional material.

Victorian Plumbing, who sell furniture such as bathroom suites, have managed to gain a large social media presence across several sites, and can use this presence to market their products to a much wider range of potential customers.

However, it’s important to note that – unlike some other businesses – Victorian Plumbing posts different types of content on different sites to get the most out of each post.


On Twitter, the company often uploads images of bathrooms and bathroom suites, using relevant hashtags to bring in natural traffic from people searching for said topics and phrases, and responds to customer queries directly by asking people with complaints to message them directly through the site, rather than using a third-party tool or email service.

This speeds up interactions between the company and its consumers, and allows them send out instant notifications to all of their followers about deals, promotions or new items being put up for sale – in addition, this can also lead to much faster customer service and query responses, allowing the company to build up a reputation for their customer interaction was well as their actual products.


The Victorian Plumbing Facebook is instead used to promote much larger pieces of content, such as complete sales or articles relating to their products.

To allow better customer communication, they’ve included contact information such as their company’s general telephone number, and have several custom links to reviews, newsletters and videos about their brand and products – making this content all accessible to customers from one social media source, rather than being unconnected sites across the internet.


The company’s Pintrest account is more images of their bathroom suites, with more focus on creating different sets of bathroom designs to market their more thematic, matching bathroom furniture.

Since the site contains a lot ‘artsy’ users, their idea of targeting people who are interested in designs, meaning that they can easily promote products that may seem too expensive or unnecessary to regular customers.

The same goes for their Instagram account, except many of the bathroom suites featured are more general in style due to the mixed-interest audience present on the site.


On the other end of the spectrum is Google+, which acts as a catalogue of sorts for various Victorian Plumbing bathroom suites and their matching components, such as bathroom tiles or flooring.

Customer interaction is limited in both directions, but unlike with their other social media content, each item is given a description that promotes the product more directly, acting as a constantly-updating feed for new products.

Because of the fairly information-centric nature of Google+, being mostly focused on informative updates and posts, this method of using the site plays to its strengths, providing users with a simple visual and textual explanation of each product.


On the Victorian Plumbing official YouTube channel, they upload most of their television advertisements, as well as a small handful of short tutorials on how to install certain products they offer.

Since YouTube allows videos to be used as adverts, the company can essentially advertise on YouTube in the exact same way they’d do it on television, giving them another outlet for their ads that costs less than national television whilst also allowing more specific targeting.

The reason Victorian Plumbing’s social media content is so effective is down to the way they have adapted it for different platforms whilst using their content to market and promote their products, and change the way they present said content depending on the purpose of the site and the shared interest of each site’s user base.

Instead of sharing the same content across all platforms, Victorian Plumbing have been able to vary their company’s ‘voice’ and appeal to different demographics and communities without having to produce huge amounts of varied content for each site, drastically reducing the cost of their social media marketing as a whole whilst potentially targeting even more people than other companies.

Despite not being the largest or most glamorous company around, Victorian Plumbing has managed to make the best of the social media platforms they’re connected to, especially when it comes to connecting with their customers on sites that allow instant messaging and feedback.

Their method of differentiating their content across all platforms has allowed them to create an effective brand across several forms of social media without even being a social-media centric company, dealing mostly in direct online sales.

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