How To Keep Your Employees Motivated And Happy

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As well as for the benefit of the members of the workforce themselves, if you want your business to be a success you need to keep your staff happy and motivated.  The great thing is, keeping your workers happy doesn’t always mean giving them a raise or anything too expensive.  Often, it’s the small things, those tiny details that matter the most. 

At the heart of any successful business, you will find happy employees who want to do the very best they can for their employers.  When you make changes to improve their morale and overall job satisfaction, some of the benefits you can expect includes a notable decrease in staff turnover, less absences and increased and improved productivity.

In the following post we will look at some of the relatively simply, but extremely effective ways you can implement to ensure the members of staff employed by you are happier and more motivated. 

Listen to Your Employees

It is crucial that your employees know that you are keen to listen to them and will always take on board their suggestions, concerns and opinions.  When they are unhappy, you need to think about what you can do to fix it.   What can you do to turn their lack of motivation around before it starts having a detrimental effect on their fellow workers?

Make yourself approachable to them and let them know that they can speak to you confidentially when they need to. 

Talk To Your Employees

This isn’t particularly rocket science, but it can have a potent effect on your staff.  Simple small talk, that shows you are interested in them as individuals and people.  This could include greeting them at the start and end of the day, asking them if they are having a good day or not, how their family is and what they did at the weekend.  By taking the time to speak to them, you are showing them they matter and it helps them to have a positive attachment psychologically to your company and their job.   As a result, you will probably feel happier too.

Show Appreciation For Their Efforts And Hard Work

You try to show your employees that you appreciate the hard work they put in for your company and things they achieve on behalf of you and your brand.  It should be an ingrained part of what it means to work at your company.  When members of staff feel valued by their employers, they are not only happier at work, but more productive – in many case at least 12% more productive than unhappy members of staff.  It can be something as small and seemingly insignificant as telling them they did a good job on a report or a sale they secured, that will brighten their mood.

Value Individuality

Although a business’s success is intricately connected to teamwork, it is essential that they are valued as individuals that can have an impact as well as within their team.  The last thing any employee wants to feel is that they are just a faceless drone.  Commend individuals who achieve things for the company and identify and consider their specific needs and circumstances and always give them tasks that are within their skill-set.

Build Up Your Team

Effective teamwork can help your business in various ways, such as building up friendships and instilling a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the company.  You can achieve this by making their place of employment a fun and warm place to work and arrange staff bonding and teamwork building exercises.  Early finishes for a drink at the pub on a Friday, sports days and staff lunches are just a few examples of the kinds of events you could organise.

Create A Balanced Working Environment

A workplace that is too strict can be suffocating and depressing, whereas one that is far too easy going could decrease productivity and motivation to actually work.  Hence, it is important to find a good balance.  Give your employees chances to enjoy some fun within the office or workplace.  Consider installing a games console in the boardroom, if it is viable.  Failing that, a ping pong table in a rec room will show your employees that not only do you expect them to work hard, that you want them to be happy too.  Encourage screen breaks, so they can stay physically and mentally healthy; while boosting their productivity in the process.

Ensure The Workplace Is Clean and Hygienic

There is a lot to be said for establishing a workplace that is clean and hygienic.  Along with ensuring the offices and all areas where staff work, as well as recreational areas, are kept clean and hygienic; make sure you have a computer and data centre cleaning service on your list of priorities.  While you can encourage your staff to keep their desks, computers and other equipment clean, they will appreciate any official and professional services you are willing to pay out on their behalf.

Encourage Career Development

When a job becomes too stagnant and repetitive offering no opportunity for progress or change, even the most focused and motivated workers will soon lose enthusiasm.  Are you able to provide additional training for your staff?  Speak to them and ask them the kind of skills they would like to develop in their role and what they see as their goals in the company.  Offer them incentives to encourage them to reach targets.  When your employees know there are chances for them to improve their standing within the company and progress, they are more likely to enjoy their work more, work harder at it and less likely to jump ships to another employer.

Flexibility Is Important

Flexibility in the workplace has played an important part in revolutionising the way employers and employees work.  Gone is the 9-5 working day for many businesses.  Depending on your business, customers and clients are obviously your main priority when you plan out staff numbers and working hours.  New technology can be utilised nowadays to make it easier for employees to work from home and better balance the work and nonwork parts of their life.  Flexible or remote working will make your company more attractive to your staff.

Include Your Staff Whenever You Can

You should make it policy, when practical and applicable, to involve your workers in crucial decisions about the company.  It’s hard to find a better, more effective ego-boost for employees than when an employer values their experience, knowledge and skill that they deserve to have their opinion heard in the boardroom.

You can do this by always keeping employees updated about company decisions, whether it involves reshuffles of team structures new product launches or location moves.  It will help your employees to feel respected and that they can have an impact.  The result for you and the company, is that you may receive suggestions and ideas you had never considered before.

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