The Struggle between Being the Nice Guy Boss and an Outright Dictator

Blog7 - The Struggle between Being the Nice Guy Boss and an Outright Dictator

One of the hardest things about being a boss is finding the balance between being a nice guy and being an outright dictator. Today, we discuss the concept and offer some significant tips for you!

What is a “nice guy”?

This is the idea of being an employer that is rather well liked by their employees. Someone who is considered to be approachable—someone has the ability to successfully guide their business and their employees to the next level. Sound good, right?

h2 - The Struggle between Being the Nice Guy Boss and an Outright Dictator

However, reality is not as impressive. Humans are complex creatures—we have always been and we will always continue to be. That is the reality. As much as employers would like to have a utopian relationship with their employees, being too accessible or lenient may be taken as a form of weakness. Your nice guy boss persona might end up having the entire workforce walk all over you.

What is an outright dictator?

This is the type of boss that has no nonsense outlook in running their workforce. They often have strict rules and expect them to be obeyed to the letter even if it may not be ethical or fair. While these people enjoy a certain degree of success in getting their way, they ultimately have a rather toxic environment for employees.

Employers who cross the threshold into dictatorship can pretty much expect almost no form of loyalty in their employees. What they can expect are people who will jump ship the moment a better opportunity (even if it pays less) becomes available. Dictator bosses have employees who end up fearing then rather than respecting them.

The Struggle

While being a nice guy sounds like a good deal, it is a fairly poor business decision down the road. There must always be an air of professionalism between you (the boss) and your workers. This professionalism will protect you from being walked all over and being disrespected.

h1 - The Struggle between Being the Nice Guy Boss and an Outright Dictator

It is truly possible for a boss to be liked but it is better to be respected than to be liked. Studies have shown that employees who like their boss but do not respect them are not as inclined to complete their tasks to the best of their ability. Those who fear their boss put in a bit too much effort and often (in their haste to complete their task), mistakes are found.

In the world of business and you are just starting out, mistakes should be avoided. While they do happen, the gravity or magnitude of that mistake can cost you more than just money.

Be a Good Boss

A good boss carries the approachableness of the nice guy and the structure of the dictator. A good boss tempers both qualities and melds them into a good combination that can be pulled out when needed. If an employee is struggling, there is no sense in being a dictator—you will not get good results that way. Being a good boss allows for empathy and flexibility! When employees feel like their needs are being heard, they work harder and they stay with you longer.

Tune in again next month as Tipit gives more tips and advice for you and your business.

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