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Thank you for showing interest in running advertisements with Tipit! We always strive to provide an excellent service for our readers. As such, we believe that our readers will have much to gain if they see ads from interest worthy businesses or brands.

Before we get started, here are a few commonly asked questions regarding ads with Tipit:

Do you run online ads/sponsored content?

Yes, we do. Tipit strives to be a valuable and ever relevant resource for those who are in the crux of their own business. Time is money and knowledge is something that you need if you’re going to succeed. We believe in streamlining the process for our readers regarding the brands or business they should associate—it’s just good sense!

We have teams of writers and web developers ready to take on your ad requests or offers.

Why should we run ads with you?

We have a steady readership on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can improve your client engagement by 25% by running ads with us. You can boost your brand recognition as well. It is a smart business decision no what way you look at it.

If your business ever wanted to find clients with their own businesses, our readers are the sort of demographic that you will need to reach.

If you do choose to run ads with us:

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us through 077-7700-0311. We would be glad to answer any particular or specialized queries that you may have regarding ads.