Why Businesses Should Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Website

Blog5 - Why Businesses Should Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Website

There has been a lot of argument regarding the necessity of a stand alone business website versus a social media page. We pick the brains of our writers and the team at Think Zap who are one of the leading web design companies in Glasgow to determine which they prefer. What you may not realize is that most, if not all, of the Tipit writers have their sturdy businesses!

Back around 15 years ago, the concept of social media was fairly new. What was not new, however, was the presence of the World Wide Web. There was a steady boom for the demand of information online and some business owners were quick to jump on that fact. They started to build their own websites to provide their potential clients with more information about their services.

It was certainly easier for consumers to not have to pick up the phone to have to inquire about products or options. Then fast forward to now, there are a lot of the elder sets of business owners that find it easier to engage their potential clients through social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

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Standalone Website

An oldie but still a good one! While social media is ‘in’, it can sometimes not provide all the information that the client needs. The sheer number of online queries that a social media page owner may need to respond to in a single day can be quite staggering and not healthy. Not to mention that one wrong word or one thoughtless remark can earn your business a lot of bad press.

A standalone website may require a bit of money in securing the domain name and possibly hiring someone to maintain it. However, there is ultimately a lot more freedom. Business owners get to design their web pages in whatever way they want. They can also be truly detailed in the information regarding their services.

A good standalone website should never be underestimated.

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Social Media

This concept refers to any website or mobile application that is aimed at users that want to create content that is shared through their network of relations.

 This is now the preferred medium of finding and researching information regarding businesses and products that consumers would like to patronize. Facebook has millions of users—all of which are potential clients. In light of this, more and more businesses are building their own social media profiles in order to access the sheer number of social media users. Here are the biggest draws about social media:

Free or Minimum Fee

Social Media is pretty much free for users and businesses. All you need to do is sign up. A business page does not really require a fee—not unless you are planning on running your ads.


Users and consumers in general prefer to make use of social media because of the ease in which they could get their concerns or queries addressed. A fairly normal practice nowadays is to message the social media page of a business that you wish to patronize and ask them directly about a promo or basically anything.